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16 years of corporate America executive level experience.

Interior design side hustle.

The plunge into full-time entrepreneur as an interior designer, product designer and content creator.

Now leading a six-figure business teaching what I've learned to equip you to do the same.


Gentle reminder - processes means EVERYTHING in our business and if you don't have 'em, well, you likely are wasting time (ahem, money).  

This guide solves a big challenge we all face - ensuring the client is educated about you, how you run your business, your processes, pricing and expectations related to working with you.  In this template, you get 21 editable slides that you can fully customize with your brand fonts, colors and photos that break down the following:


  1. About you and your business

  2. Your portfolio at a glance

  3. Your services

  4. Your processes

  5. What to expect

  6. FAQs

  7. How to reach you

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Gather with an intimate group to receive coaching sessions 

that will help build your brand and drive revenue.

I am passionate about interior design, but I am even more passionate about changing as many people’s lives and homes as I can through design. Therefore, I want to see aspiring interior designers thrive in their businesses and I believe I can help. I am taking some of my most valuable nuggets of knowledge and experience since starting my interior design business and I am offering a limited and intimate 6-week coaching program for interiors designers and creative entrepreneurs.

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Grow your brand and land your dream clients with this marketing checklist.

I landed several 6-figure clients because of this checklist which should be a reminder that your project reveal should be as powerful as your designs.  From SEO to Pinterest hacks to actual examples of my marketing (making it easy to emulate), this checklist is a must-have for Interior Designers.


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Increase Traffic to Your Website With This Step-by-Step Pinterest Guide.

I grew my traffic to my website by over 100% by doing a few simple things on Pinterest - and you can, too! More traffic = more potential customers = more revenue. This guide will absolutely kick-start your Pinterest tactics without costing you money or even much time.


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Start your design process off well with this design concept template!

This 16 page PowerPoint template is an editable file that you can make your own.  I take you through each key design element I break down for my clients - from the color story to metals and materials,


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