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Project Reveal // North Miami Daycare

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I've been so looking forward to sharing this reveal with you all as this project was a complete labor of love, filled with all kinds of special moments, decor and design features. I worked with my partner-in-crime, Meghan Grimbert and I led the interior design of this three building school and she led the exterior (that reveal is coming soon!). This full gut renovation stretched my design acumen and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Space planning 3 buildings, sourcing hundreds and hundreds of products, immersing myself in layers of Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori, ensuring all products are safe and well-designed and about 100 things in between - we gave it our all and based on the outcome, it was worth it. Ladies and gents, I introduce you to Atelier Kids Miami!


Location: North Miami

Type of Project: Daycare gut renovation, interior and exterior

Square Footage: 5,000 square feet of interior and about 7,500 of exterior design

Interior and Exterior Designers: Ann Ueno and Meghan Grimbert


This project was a floor-to-ceiling and every wall and window gut renovation both interior and exterior. We moved walls, defined spaces, leveraged almost all existing plumbing, added new windows, new roof, new flooring - literally every single component of a gut renovation! The client was super hands on and was a huge help as their family is in the construction business, making the project go well and ensure - for the most part - everything was done on time.


Atelier Kids design concept focuses on the foundational neutrals, using nature as a muse. The aesthetic will be clean and earthy, incorporating a warm color palette and wood textures, for the ultimate learning and creative experience. It’s a space where we balance a blank canvas with lively features to foster the right development for the children across all five senses. The children leave each day better than when they arrived.


Cleanliness – literally and figuratively. Given cleanliness is a critical aspect to a daycare, the design will not be overwhelming or hard to keep clean. Fundamentally, it will take on a clean and simple design.

Safety – all design elements, entries, exits, furnishings and décor will go through a thorough safety review to ensure there is a 360 degree safety first approach to Atelier Kids.

.Educational – we will create an environment that has the right space plan and areas for children to grow and learn. From the toys to the playground, the goal is that the children leave each day better than when they arrived.

Inspirational – from the right colors to access to nature, we want the kids to feel alive and creative each day. Positivity will be a focus in the design execution.




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Photography Credit: Jackie Knabben

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