Master Bedroom Makeover // Before and After

Have you ever needed to just update an area of your life to mark it as a new beginning? To remove the old and bring in the new. Perhaps to replace pain with a new purpose. Or maybe, you were just ready for a change. I think that we do this in many areas of our life actually. Sometimes, it may not be for a deeper reason, but, a reason nonetheless.

We go to our hair stylist with long, straight brown hair and we leave with a blonde pixie cut.

We donate 75% of our wardrobes in an effort to simplify and make daily outfit choices easier and more minimal.

We clean out our entire refrigerator and replace everything in it with Paleo-friendly ingredients.

We rearrange furniture.

We start wearing red lipstick when for the last 10 years, a nude palette is all that has ever been worn.

I could go on and on. Change is good! It creates something new and often, at least in the moment, it feels good and generates a positive emotion. Sometimes those feelings stay, often they fleet. Either way, for some of us, it's in our DNA to change.

And this was the case for me. Of course, I am an interior designer so doing home makeovers, room refreshes or rearranging furniture is a regular occurrence in my life. But this time, my master bedroom makeover was more than just a design project. It was a life project, with far more meaning and purpose than just new colors and new artwork.

We moved to Miami almost 5 years ago and I literally did a copy and paste of our master in Chicago to our master here. It worked, the furniture fit perfectly, I painted the same accent wall the same navy blue color and alas, our bedroom was complete.

And then we had a baby.

And then my husband had a very serious accident - a brain injury and a fractured skull.

And our Chicago life went from real and present to beloved memories.

And Miami became home with each passing day.

It was time.

I believe a master bedroom should of course be beautiful but it should be significant. The atmosphere should align with your life season. Or perhaps, like for me, changing the atmosphere to align with your life season is necessary. The dark wall and the dusty wedding frames and unemotional artwork I truly felt weighing on me. Perhaps