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Life (and Home) Lessons from My Instagram Feed

Hey friends! I was thinking this week...are we friends on Instagram? I love IG but I know sometimes we may miss each other's updates (thanks to the algorithm, le sigh) and that is no bueno. So I wanted to jump in your inbox and share with you some life and home lessons from my Instagram feed that I think MAYBE, just MAYBE some of you need today.

You've asked, I've answered. How to make a home more cohesive? Well, of course you can download my free guide but you can also check out my latest post where I curated 18 traditional modern lights that together are cohesive, no matter which you choose, no matter what room you put them in! Yes, I love you that much.

My favorite post of the week, featuring vulnerability, kicking fear to the curb and the official announcement of my business coaching program: Strategies to Grow Your Interior Design Business. For all of you interior designers out there, listen up as THIS IS FOR YOU!

And a crowd favorite - a killer before and after with a project reveal attached which equals interior design content at its finest! I had the best time designing this multi-building daycare in North Miami SO, if you are local and you are looking for a daycare, check it out.

Okay, I may be biased but my kids face mask collection is so dang cute. I have LOVED seeing all of your pictures and the feedback has been so positive. One mom even told me her kiddo doesn't fight with her to wear a mask anymore. THAT'S A WIN! Quantities for our summer collection are limited so grab yours if you need one.

A reminder to chase hard after your dreams. I landed a collaboration with Gray Malin and it just reminded me that if this Midwest farm town girl can do that, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Don't give up - it's about to get real good.

Last but not least, I launched another digital product for interior designers and I LOVE this one. It's a complete marketing checklist for launching and revealing a new project - trust me, it's worth the $29.

Have a great weekend, friends!



P.S. Space is limited for my business coaching program so don't forget to sign up if you're interested!

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