It Was All a Dream // Introducing Studio 790

It was all a dream.

For years I’ve dreamt of having my own design studio.

18 months ago I started writing it down every single day in my Start Today Journal.

I prayed about it over and over and over.

I screamed it out loud at my Tony Robbins trainings.

I pinned and pinned my heart away as I visualized the space.

And today I put the deposit down for the renovation.

And I’m crying typing this.

Because God continues to do miracles in my life that I don’t deserve but he still graciously gives them to me.

And I’m shaking my head in awe. A dream turned to reality is arguably one of the most beautiful things we get on this earth and the fact that I’m living out this dream shows the goodness of the God I serve.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Studio 790, the creative space of the Ann Ueno brand, opening in early 2022. (Here's a sneak peek of our work in progress render!).

A former dark garage, suffocating and representative of a season I am thankful has come to a close. This space is a sacred studio, a place for gathering and creating and serving. I’m believing lives will be transformed here, freedom will come and homes won’t ever be the same based on the work we do here. It’s an extension of my home, of my heart, literally. It’s not just an interior design studio. It’s a lifestyle studio where all are welcome.

A studio for the senses. Access to nature. Indoor, outdoor, steps to my garden, the harvest, to a full outdoor entertaining area. The sunshine in the morning, the moon and stars at night. For sound. I hear music, I hear conversations, I hear women sharing, I hear trembling voices, I hear celebratory laughter and excitement. For connection. I see couples connecting, staying close to each other, laughing. I see my team raising a glass to the lives we’ve impacted. I see me. It’s me, but it’s a space. This is what design should be. Personal, deep, emotional, meaningful, functional, real.

The studio of my dreams.

Dreams. They are easy to talk about, harder to believe in. And often it feels impossible to execute them.