How I Increased Traffic to My Website by 100%

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

It was week 2 of the COVID 19 crisis and I was at a crossroads with my business, like millions of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Do I reinvent myself?

Do I discount my pricing?

Do I rebirth things on my list that I haven’t had a chance to get to?

Do I create a new product?

Do I simply take a break/take time “off” and focus on my daughter and family?

Do I just call the whole thing quits?

I did actually try a few of the things above and ultimately, I came back to “Ann, go back to the basics.”

Back to the basics. It was far less sexy than what social media was telling me to do, but, I did it anyways. And I started with Pinterest, a platform that I had neglected as an interior designer for the last several years. Make no mistake, I CONSUME on Pinterest regularly. I use it for almost every project I have. But dusting off my business account and actually putting time and effort into it to help grow my business? Nah, that wasn’t part of my marketing plan.

Well, that changed. And you will be shocked by what I’ve done as it literally is the simplest thing you can do on Pinterest, yet it has yielded results that actually surprised me. For example, from my organic content I have published in the last 2 weeks:

Impressions are up 13,000% (not 13, not 130...13,000)

Total audience has increased 16,000%

Engagements are up 5,000%

And MOST IMPORTANT, traffic to my website from Pinterest is up 100% and traffic from search engines overall is up 62%.