How AUID Can Help YOU!

Hi friends and family! If it's your first time reading one of my blogs, welcome! I'm so happy you're here. But if your an AUID loyalist (it's a thing), you know that one of my biggest values in my business is to consistently serve others with authenticity, creativity and loads of energy. Our brand DNA elevates people over profit and we want to serve clients, our Instagram community, the communities we live in, our families - ALL OF THE PEOPLE - with a spirit of excellence. Not perfection, but excellence.

And recently our team was talking and we realized a few consistent things we have been hearing from our community related to: where we source, our interior designer resources, how to easily shop our design looks, how to become an interior designer when you don't have a degree and more. We also have noticed that when we share our authentic stories, our personal struggles and how we are tackling hard seasons, IT RESONATES.

And we thought HECK! Let's make sure they know we have solutions for all of the things and to remind you that if you are a home owner, a mom, if you're going through a divorce, if you are renovating your rental unit, if you want ideas for your next project, help in managing your business - AUID can help you.

Amazon Storefront (stop searching, we've done the work for you)

Did you know that we have an Amazon storefront with some of our favorite products that we source for our projects? These are my curated finds at your fingertips! There are several different lists with everything from lighting to books to throw pillows for your home. Let me make your life easier and your home prettier.

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