AUID x Golden Goose: Introducing Golden Spaces

Get 'em: Super-Star sneakers with rainbow crystals

Okay, let us tell you what the heck is going on!

I was recently interviewed by DCOTA recently and was asked where I get my inspiration from as a designer. And I answered it with nature, my environment (especially living in Miami) as well as other designers, like Kelly Wearstler. But I looked down and realized how often I integrate fashion into my work. If you want to know your design style, look in your closet, look at your feet! And it hit me - I draw a lot of creativity and inspiration from Golden Goose.

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to this incredible brand and ironically I bought my first pair for a trip to Italy - v. apropos given Golden Goose is an Italian brand. I started to become obsessed with not only the shoes, but the brand at large. And more recently, I really started becoming more immersed into their DNA, their impact on society and their incredible dedication to craftsmanship and culture.

Alas, I introduce to you Golden Spaces: spaces that I've designed that have been inspired by GG sneakers.

Get 'em: Super-Star sneakers with glitter and handwritten lettering

Why I am in love with the Golden Goose brand:

From Venice to the skate parks in LA, this idea of perfection imperfection resonates with my soul. There is such beauty and grace and love in imperfection. It really is perfect. When we can embrace it in ourselves and fully accept it, I believe we can live out our purpose. And if we can live out our purpose – a place I am at right now in my life – we can’t help but share. To share our experiences, our ideas, our progress our failures – this is essential. It’s needed today. It’s needed in this world.

Get 'em: