8 Design Hacks for Kids Rooms To Implement NOW!

Hey hey! Anyone else out there doing all the home decor and reno projects? Organizing? Purging? Or just cleaning up after the kiddos every. single. hour.

Same. This season seems to be pivoting into homeowners and renters tackling all of their projects and I am so grateful that business is starting to pick back up! And I continue to get questions on kids spaces so, I thought it may be helpful to provide 8 design hacks for kids rooms to implement now! From organization to budget finds, I got you covered!

Hack 1: Make cleaning up easy by investing in a storage shelf system like the one below and a couple of good-sized baskets. The hack? Just throw the darn toys in any compartment or basket and call it a day! This is more manageable for kids and you know that the mess will be recreated over.

Hack 2: Find the cutest dresser from IKEA and design the whole room around it. Ha ha. Or not. Point is, never underestimate IKEA and remember, you don't have to just look at their kids furniture. Their adult furniture works in kids spaces perfectly, as you can see in the below picture!

P.S. How cute is that garland and that basket combo?! Crate and Kids has the cutest baskets right now, btw!

Hack 3: Create a statement wall with wallpaper! Wallpaper can be a big investment but doing it just on one wall can make a huge impact for a lot less money. I love this little boys room for so many reasons but I think the palm leaf wallpaper really made the room shine.