3 Reasons To Redecorate With Pillows for the New Year

New year, new you, right? How about new year, new home decor? There is something about giving your space a slight facelift, and a few small changes can make the world of a difference and make it feel like a fresh new space. A fresh new space means a fresh new perspective and who doesn't need that?

You can hang a new piece of art, add some plants or a new vase, but decorative pillows are one of the

most impactful ways you can make a quick change. See below why you need to update your decor with throw pillows!

Easy & Inexpensive

Pillows are the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to update your home decor quickly on a small budget. You can change them up every season and swap them out for the holidays to keep your home fresh all year long for just a small investment. Even better, they don’t take up much space so they are easy to store when you are swapping between designs. Minimal effort, huge impact. This guy agrees!

Instant Facelift

Throw pillows can totally transform a room and take it across the finish line. Have a neutral couch or white bedding? Add a few throw pillows for a new design and overall feel of your room or home. Have a piece of statement art? Pull out one of the colors with a throw pillow. Just like that statement necklace from J Crew or the subtly bold Golden Goose shoes to dress up your t-shirt and jeans look, pillows are what brings a room across the finish line, giving the room that perfect pop of personality.

If you choose more neutral, safe colors in your home, the throw pillow can be the place where you have some fun and take some risk (versus, say, a bold wallpaper that is a bit more permanent and costly). Conversely, if you like to take risks by way of color and pattern, your throw pillows offer a great opportunity to do so, adding that final layer of texture and character to your space.

Check out a few here from our recently launched Pillow Collection by Ann Ueno

Mix & Match