Guest Bedroom Redesign Reveal with Overstock

Hello hello dear lovely readers! I hope your summer has been fun, relaxing, sunny and productive. Over here at casa de Ueno, the summer has been a nice blend of creative, challenging, pools, design projects and travel. And if I am being honest, it’s been a little too busy for my liking but I have hope for what the next season ahead is bringing.

And speaking of new seasons, I am thrilled to share with you a project I’ve been working on that has finally completed…my guest bedroom redesign. I partnered with the incredible team at Overstock, shared some vision, brainstormed and they graciously supported my design dreams which has. Been. A. Blast. Let me explain more…

Design challenge: our guest bedroom was busy, a mish-mosh of art and décor that I just threw up on the walls and in the space, overwhelming and crowded. For a hot second, I felt it was sort of this office meets guestroom art studio real-life moodboard blah blah blah. What? Oh yeeess that sounds so inviting for guests, doesn’t it? Nope. And the kicker is this – I’ve spent 15 years in the hotel business – and I know a good guest room if I see one if you know what I mean. And this was not.

Design solution: Overstock.

Questions? Comments? Need I say more?!

OF COURSE I’m saying more. I dreamed and scoured their website to create a moodboard, all the while imaging our guests feeling at home, comfortable and inspired. I wanted timeless pieces that wouldn’t break the budget. And I based the design off of marble contact paper. Normal.

Let me tell you a few things I’ve learned about my Overstock creative ventures. Or, shall we say, my OCVs.

  1. New source for sourcing (yes, that’s what I mean). Admittedly, I haven’t had Overstock in my repertoire of sourcing either for myself or for clients. But after this experience, that has changed, namely because of their unique design and relevancy. I was able to curate really timeless pieces that frankly, I – or my clients – would have paid 3-5 times more previously. Their options are so robust, shipping is free on orders over $45 and product is on point.

  2. Quality and Value. The quality was amazing for every single piece (seriously) I ordered. For example, Harper Blvd Jacana Glam Accent tables-turned-nightstands. The brass is perfection and I was so pleasantly surprised that the bottom layer of this piece was mirrored. It did come in a few pieces but it took me around 10 minutes to put together. (When in doubt/need, open a bottle of wine and invite a super awesome friend over who loves to do these projects.) And then let’s talk about the