Backyard on a Budget – Reveal!

I realize it’s Fall and most of the country is inside, being warmed up by a crackling fire place, watching football and drinking red wine. Well, us Floridians are doing just about the opposite. We are running outside, all the time, because NO MORE HUMIDITY! And no more rain! Granted, we are still drinking wine and watching football. This is the time of year we live for. And I couldn’t go another winter without having our backyard reshaped into a space that is usable, comfortable and perfect for our winter nights.

Enter – Meghan Grimbert. You guys. One would think updating a backyard in Miami is something you can do quick and cheap, because, ahem, backyards are a dime a dozen and we live in a climate where you can arguably use your backyard 365 days a year. Yeah, no. Nope, nope, nope. First, to find a company – or a human – to do this work took me months. Second, backyards are expensive. Maintaining and landscape and furniture covers (because we have these things called hurricanes) and sprinkler systems and fences and privacy plants and lighting. Honestly. I can’t even. Last, to find high quality, reasonably-priced workers for these projects is as easy as getting invited to Joanna Gaines house for dinner.

Okay, back to Meghan and back to my backyard. My hope was gone that my backyard would ever get updated for less than a small fortune. I was desperate. And of no coincidence, I was on a run a couple months ago and wham-o! I see a gorgeous little sign in the front of a house that had recently been renovated (and is now for sale, designed by this lovely Meghan I am telling you about). I took a chance, emailed her and she responded within an hour or two. She shows up at my house that week and I fall in love (because anyone who loves design as much or more than me, is hard-working, kind, creative AND normal for sure is bound to be my new best friend). #hired

We brainstorm and send like 800 texts back and forth for days of different ideas and costs and resources for this backyard-on-a-budget project. She comes over to my house dozens of times. We drink coffee. We share our love for @studiomcgee. We talk about our kiddos. And dream about design for days. And more importantly, we get this backyard done!

I cannot sing Meghan’s praise enough. She is a great business woman. She is uber creative. Resourceful. Worked on a small budget. Was fun to collaborate with. She exceeded my expectations. #nailedit

Now I bring to you the before and after of my new backyard on a budget reveal! Also, our top 10 – err 11 – tips on how to save are below. Enjoy 🙂

back yard redesign budget

back yard redesign budget